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Event production

It is all about the concept. That's our motto. 

Our events and installations have to have the wow moment. We believe that a brand deserves attention without being invasive during the event. Once we determine the concept and the budget, we work with trusted partners to build incredible experiences. 

We design concepts that involve elements that appeal to all senses: From the invitation, the pre-event campaign, until the event day, delighting guests trough intricate gastronomy, stimulating scents, engaging entertainment, flattering lighting, immerse sound system, interesting textures and wow moments. All that generates exiting memories in your audience. 

We have more than 15 years of experience in event production. Our seasoned technical team includes technical directors, project managers, lighting and camera operators, media server engineers, video and sound engineers, and logistics managers. Every member of our tech crew takes pride in their work and understands their role is critical to the success of the event. 


We learned that we have to manage all the teams, staff, equipment aligned to the concept from the planning phase until execution. 


All across America, we have connections with event production engineers, audiovisual providers, and creative professionals. Our global service network allows us to seamlessly handle events across the globe and collaborate with hundreds of experienced freelancers who are professionals, thought-leaders and problem-solvers with a passion for what they do.

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